Go watch how Marvel’s FX team created a new “visual language” for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Now that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has wrapped and we’re still a few weeks away from the debut of Loki, Marvel has released a behind-the-scenes video on its YouTube channel detailing the CGI effects that made it look like Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) was flying through the air as Falcon [minor spoilers ahead […]

Verizon and T-Mobile want to give you a free phone — with a catch

It’s a good year for old, crappy phones. The dusty old phone in your desk drawer running Android frozen-dessert-something-or-other — the one that might have a cracked screen — saw its stock go up recently with two generous trade-in promotions. T-Mobile and Verizon are both offering to take your old, damaged phone off your hands […]

Microsoft’s feud with Apple over xCloud on iOS got a cloud gaming rival kicked from the App Store

In 2020, Microsoft was battling to bring xCloud or Xbox Game Streaming to the iPhone and iPad, and the conversations had an unlikely victim: Shadow — a third-party cloud gaming app that lets you stream PC games to an iPhone or iPad. Emails between Microsoft and Apple, revealed in the Epic v. Apple trial today, […]

What to expect from the EPA’s new rules affecting air conditioners and refrigerators

“Super” greenhouse gases will soon be phased down in air conditioners and refrigerators in the US. The Environmental Protection Agency yesterday proposed new rules to cut the use of the “super” pollutants used as refrigerants, hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), by 85 percent over 15 years. Consumers likely won’t notice much of a difference with their appliances, but […]

California appeals court finds Amazon responsible for third party sellers’ products

An appeals court in California has ruled that Amazon can be held liable for products sold through its marketplace by a third-party seller, the Los Angeles Times reported. It’s the second major case in California where an appeals court has rejected Amazon’s long-held position that it is merely an intermediary between buyers and its third-party […]

Snap diversity report shows it’s still mostly white and male

Snap’s diversity report reveals that the company has made very little progress in its diversity goals since last year, with 47 percent of its employees being white and 65 percent male. There was a tiny increase in women’s representation across the company (32.9 to 33.1 percent) and a similarly small increase in underrepresented racial groups […]