Monthly Archives: May 2021

Instagram making changes to its algorithm after it was accused of censoring pro-Palestinian content

Facebook-owned Instagram has made changes to its algorithm after a group of its employees reportedly complained that pro-Palestinian content was not viewable for users during the conflict in Gaza. Instagram typically surfaces original content in its stories before reposted content, but will now begin to give equal weighting to both, the company confirmed to The […]

US soldiers reportedly leaked nuclear info online accidentally, by using flashcard apps

US soldiers stationed in Europe may have accidentally exposed information about the United States’ nuclear weapons stockpile when they used flashcard apps to help them remember details about the information, according to a report from open-source intelligence outlet Bellingcat. Foeke Postma, a researcher with Bellingcat, wrote that the soldiers used study apps such as Chegg, […]

Twitter is pausing verification applications a little more than a week after relaunching them

Twitter relaunched its verification program last week, allowing anyone to apply for a blue check mark, but the company is pausing accepting new applications because of the volume of applications it has already received. “We’re rolling in verification requests,” the company said in a tweet. “So we gotta hit pause on accepting any more for […]

‘Rogue’ Commerce unit scanned social media for Census disinformation

A security unit within the US Commerce Department monitored Americans’ Twitter accounts for posts critical of the US Census and conducted unauthorized surveillance to gather information about US citizens and foreign visitors, according to a fact sheet released Monday by the ranking Republican on the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee. The Washington Post first […]

Chinese startup gets approval to test driverless vehicles in California

Chinese autonomous vehicle startup has received a permit from California’s Department of Motor Vehicles to test its driverless cars without human safety drivers behind the wheel on specified streets in three cities. Pony has been authorized to test autonomous vehicles with safety drivers in California since 2017, but the new permit will let it […]